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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 1 - Household Notebook

So, I'm embarking on my 52 weeks of Organizing through Organized Junkie.  I haven't been able to make a list of 52 things I will organize, but I definitely will at some point.  I will keep adding to my list as I discover new things.

My new "mantra" is ACTION CREATES CHANGE! So Week 1's action was to create a Household Notebook.  I worked on that today and completed it.  Now I have to fill it up, but the hardest part was creating it - deciding what dividers to include and what to put into each divider.

I referenced a few different sources...
Passionate Homemaking had a 10 min video that gave a lot of good information as well as a few printables I will use, such as a master household supplies list, freezer inventory and pantry inventory.
Simplify 101 had a "command central binder" e-book that explained what a command central binder is, and had step-by-step directions for setting up a system. has "Spring Planning Pages" that the Passionate Homemaker referenced in her video.  They are whimsical and fun.  I see why she used many of the their pages in her household planner.  I choose to print out the weekly meal planner and to-do list.  I will print out more as I assemble my household planner.'s some pictures of my process.

While watching the video from Passionate Homemaking, I made notes about what she put into each divider that I would be interested in including in my notebook.

So, here is one of the dividers.  My printer is doing something funky, so it cut off a portion of the border because of the graphic size.  I fixed it for the front cover.  I used Avery Write-On Tabs (#16143) for the tabs.

So here is the front of the completed notebook!

Since this is a blog about me designing things...Here are all the files I created for my household notebook!

Create your own household notebook using the resources I used and these cute dividers (+ a cover)!

Until tomorrow - Action Creates Change!

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