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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Organizing List

My last post was about my mind being too cluttered. I was having a moment but everything I said was true - I have too many "projects" I'm trying to do.

A new blog I've discovered called Organized Junkie has a 52 weeks of organizing challenge. Getting all those ideas on paper really helps! I don't have 52 yet, but I wrote down 18 yesterday on the drive to work (my hubby's was driving-LOL).

Here's what I have so far...
1. Create a household notebook
2. Layout my bedroom on paper
3. Purge DS's toys
4. Garage Shelves
5. Laundry Shelves and cabinet
6. Clean out my car
7. Under cabinet shelves (kitchen)
8. His/her "morning" bins
9. Linen closet containers (for towels, washcloths, etc)
10. Relocate file cabinet
11. Redesign/purge files in the file cabinet
12. Shoe storage (my closet)
13. Paint front room
14. Create a backpack station
15. Create a kitchen command center
16. 2011 budget
17. Plan my garden crops for 2011
18. Above the refrigerator storage (lunchboxes, etc)

Whew! That was quite therapeutic!!! Links to Organized Junkie coming soon!

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