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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reality has entered the Building

I discovered tonight that I am not working within reality.

Ok. Here's the deal...I spent 4 hrs surfing other blogs finding all kinds of great ideas for my classroom, my home, my cooking, crafts, etc...But then reality kicks in! First of all, I'm supposed to be writing report cards. (Ahhhh!!!) Second, I have a zillion projects that need to be done in my home, teaching responsibilities that seem never-ending and I'm trying to be a web designer!!! OMG - I'm crazy!

I can't be alone. Is there anyone out there like me!? This I know-I have lots of knowledge, great creativity and innovative ideas. Lately, though, I feel like they are just fleeting thoughts that are never developed because I'm all over the place. I want to juggle it all, but can I? I need more hours in a day *sigh*

This is what I will try to do...
One of the blogs I was on during my 4 hour spree tonight was Organized Junkie. She is hosting 52 weeks of Organizing. I may be behind, but I'm starting on week 1-writing down 52 projects I want to accomplish this year.

I may not get to them all but I need to brain dump. There's too much up there tonight. I can't even sleep! Even this blog is all over the place...designs for the classroom, web design, personal - I might need to rename it to Jumbled Designs and let this be the chronicle of my journey to "freedom" from my cluttered inner self.

I will compile the list of blogs I surfed onto. They were really good and filled with worthwhile information.

Tomorrow-my list of 52 projects

If anyone has other ideas for calming the madness of our overworked brains, please share.

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