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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Phone Number Freebie

We are working with my four-year-old DS on memorizing his phone number and that got me thinking of my firsties. Every year I am so surprised at how many of them have no idea what their phone number is. Now, on top of that, people have home numbers and cell phone numbers that are important to remember!

Because of this, I generally "quiz" kids on their phone numbers at some point in the year to get an idea of how many kids know their numbers and who needs more practice. The ones that need more practice get a practice sheet sent home with a short note reminding parents how important it is to know their phone numbers.

That's where today's freebie comes in! I just added a "I Know My Phone Number" Memorization Sheet to my TpT store. If your kiddos need to memorize their phone numbers, swing by and get it for your class!

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