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Friday, June 1, 2012

Honoring Dads

Our grade level celebrated the dads and male role models in our student's lives today by hosting a Doughnuts for Dads Celebration! It's an annual event that I began a few years ago after my husband attended a similar event at my son's preschool.

Today's event was spectacular! Out of 23 students, 21 students had a dad or male role model present. The moms supplied coffee, juice, milk, Dunkin' Donuts and danishes. For the kiddos, we had doughnut holes.

During class, we made wooden frames from them - each student decorated their frame with foam stickers of footballs, soccer balls, stars, and other shapes. They also put the words "Cool Dad" "Amazing Dad" or "You're A Star." They turned out super cute!

One dad said to me today "In all my years with my children, no one has ever honored the dads!  Its always about the moms!"  I was truly touched by his comment.

How do you celebrate the dads in your classroom?

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