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Monday, March 12, 2012

You know you teach __ LiNkY PaRtY!!!

This is my 9th year teaching 1st grade and there are few pieces of writing that cross my desk that I can't read if the handwriting is legible. This is definitely an ACQUIRED skill! I once brought home writing test papers and my husband and I watched TV together as I scored them. He glanced over at one point and said "How in the world can you read that!?" Without hesitation, I read the entire paper and he just stared dumbfounded. He, of course, is NOT in education! So, that is my "You know you teach first...moment" for the Linky Party!

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  1. Reading student handwriting is definitely a talent!


  2. Hi! Thanks so much for linking up with me. :) I am your newest follower!
    Fun for First
    The Robin’s Nest

  3. I wrote the same thing as you! It actually kind of surprises me when people CAN'T read first grade spelling. I guess they are just overthinking it or something!

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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