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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Have My Permission

Pinterest is the newest thing - such a great way to organize all your ideas and thoughts for others and for yourself to find later. I am such a visual learner (as lots of teachers are-SMILE) and Pinterest allows me to do this with ease. Just the other day, I was creating an anchor chart I repinned and I had my iPod on my rocking chair arm as a visual reference as I wrote.
On a side note - mine wasn't nearly as cute and well done as the original but...I tried - really hard. :o)
Anyway, a fellow blogger has pointed out that Pinterest's terms of use that we agree to would require us to ask for permission from bloggers before pinning those ideas we find. So, her solution was to create a "permission to pin" button. Anyone displaying this pin has given their permission for you to pin things from their blog!

You now have MY PERMISSION TO PIN - pin all you want, pin in a house, pin on a mouse, pin in a boat or on a goat...err...sorry - couldn't help it!!!

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