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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scholastic Freebie

My DH and middle DS went out of town to visit the in-laws. In an attempt to gets LOTS of work done, I essentially got nothing done! I browsed the web, looked at the great ideas in blog land and spent some time working with my oldest DS on a class project!

One of the things on my list was making my Scholastic Book Order Forms so that I can send them home Monday. I love book orders - even as a child, I loved book orders...I can't wait to look through them and find new books - as if I don't have enough already. A teacher always needs more books, right!? That's what I tell myself to justify my getting new ones even though my classroom library and leveled reader library is well stocked and I have 2 boxes of books in my garage that won't "fit" in my classroom library! Maybe I need book therapy!!!

For my book orders, I staple a small strip onto the front of the order forms I'm sending home that week that includes the due date, the website address and our class code for parents ordering online. Here is an editable version of the form for you to use in your classes.

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