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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teacher Tips Linky

I am joining up with Michelle over at Teach 123 for her Teacher Tips Linky Party!

My top 2 tips were also hers:

1. The First Days of School by Harry Wong is an essential read. I still own my copy and I've been teaching for 9 years!

2. Get to know the custodians in your building. They need to be your best friends! Bake them cookies, buy them a soda and snack - whatever to get them on your side!

I still came up with a few others...

Check out what others are saying. This linky party is also spilling over into Pinterest. Check it out here...


  1. Caroline,
    You are so right when you suggest planning for stress relief. Professors really don't prepare student teachers for what it's like the first year of teaching. I thought it would be like my students teaching experience. Oh! My! I couldn't have been more wrong. Great tip!

    Thanks for joining my Teaching Tips Linky Party. I made a Pinterest Board called Teaching Tips and added your tips. You can check it out here:


  2. I love my manis & pedis. I am using this to tell hubby it is a NEED not a want!


    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. Hi just found your blog! Love all the CC items! Hope you will check out my blog and TpT store!!



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