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Saturday, January 1, 2011


I rang in the new year last night with lots of friends and family!  It was a lot of fun!!!  However, January is here and that means I will be heading back to school soon.  I always have to bring myself back to reality after the new year.

Here is a new year's teaching idea...
Have a group discussion about new year's resolutions and what they are, why people make them and how to make good ones.  Then allow the students to write their new year's resolutions (what they want to do better as a student) on speech bubbles.  After their speech bubbles are done, they can decorate their head and a party hat.  I help the students add yarn for hair and sequins on the party hat.  The students glue their party hats onto their head.  Last, I create a bulletin board for their new year's resolutions.  Their heads/party hats go up...the speech bubble goes on one side and a party blower goes on the other.

They look like they just rang in the new year!  It's super cute!!!

I will create templates for this lesson and post those here...

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