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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Currently

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this month's CURRENTLY! I have seen these around each month and never joined in on one. So I'm super excited!

Today was the second official day of Spring Break for my at-home kiddos (big boy school and preschool). So, yes, I have 5 kids at home with me all day today! I was smart, though, and planned out my day with a posted schedule - every teacher has a plan for the day (including transition time - LOL). I reviewed the schedule this morning in a "morning meeting" with my 2 oldest boys so they knew what to expect and how the day was going to flow. Needless to say, my plan was BRILLIANT - today has been stress free and I have gotten things done in between feedings for the twins.

The boys are playing legos quietly in their room and I'm nursing the girls, so I thought I'd take this time to share with you my April CURRENTLY...

*Now that I'm the mom in a family of 7, I have vowed to do laundry EVERY day - at least 1 load.  Today, I had help, so I've done 3.  The last load is drying and the other two have been folded.  I'll let my DH have the task of putting it all away.

*As stressful as 5 kids currently is, I know it's a blessing and I must consider it joy at each stressful moment!

*I went outside today and looked out over the deck into my 2012 garden which turned out to be a big FLOP!  Something wasn't right with the soil and nothing grew higher than 6 inches.  I'm contemplating whether I want to try my hand at a garden in 2013.

*I am returning to work after Spring Break and I'm really stressed out about how it will go.  I will be teaching twice a week in April to transition into a one week on/one week off job sharing position with the young lady currently doing my maternity leave.  I have always put my heart and soul into my job and my family, however, I'm worried how twins, nursing, teaching, cooking, loving, cleaning, etc is going to look!

*Who doesn't need an additional hour in each day!

*I have changed my blog layout a few times as I learn and see what other great bloggers are doing out there.  I also have learned so much from other people on how to make my TpT products *sparkle.*  I revamp things as needed and it makes such a difference.  Take it from a mother of 5 - it doesn't have to be perfect from the start - just git 'er done!

Well, I hear kid #3 crying from his crib.  Time to shut off the computer and do the mommy thing!


  1. Good luck on returning to work! I hope it all goes well for you!

  2. A schedule for the day... maybe I should try that out! I love my 3 boys, but when we are not at school... wow... it is nuts here. I feel like I can not get anything accomplished! I am curious to hear how the job sharing will go. I have always wondered how that works out. Good Luck with your return to work!

    Learning Ahoy!

  3. Wow! You are super busy! I have two little boys and they keep me hopping. Good luck on your return to work!!!

    The Math Maniac


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