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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Learning to be a Blogger

So, as I get ready for bed, I'll post what I learned today about your research!!!!

You want people to look at your blog but it's so disheartening when you go to your site and see no new visitors.  Even though I know ABSOLUTELY no one is looking at this post right now - one day, someone will.

Few tips as I learn to be a blogger...

1. Follow others - following others allows your profile to be seen and maybe, just maybe, someone will stumble upon your blog and say "Hmmmm, this looks interesting!"
2. Find Blog Communities related to your interest - I am a teacher, so I went out looking for teacher blogs and happened upon  This site houses many educator blogs (no matter who your blog is hosted through) and allows a large group to see your latest posts.  Hopefully, I can get a few "followers" through this avenue.

I also found a cool site while blog surfing with lots of FUN, whimsical fonts - perfect for the classroom - Visit their site using the fan button I just added on the right side of this page. husband just left me downstairs.  Time to go to bed - until tomorrow's discoveries...


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