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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration: Teaching Time

Who doesn't L*O*V*E pinterest these days!?  I am not nearly obsessed with pinterest as some other teacher bloggers I see, but just you wait - my summer will be filled with so much pinning!

In my small collection of 141 pins...I pinned this cool idea for a clock that students can make.  We're finishing up telling time on an analog clock, so we did this craftivity today to finish out that topic.  The kiddos were super-excited about it!

Students color coded the hour and minute hands and numbers for their clocks.

My kiddos glued their hour face down to their minute face to keep from it sliding around, used a brad to fasten the "hands" to the clock and voila! - a pinterest inspiration!

Here is the file I created as a FREEBIE, so you can recreate the student made clock with the fold-down flaps in your class.  Happy Monday, Everyone!


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