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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earth Day Groceries Project

Earth Day is just around the corner and blogs are "busting at the seams" with Earth Day Fun!  Imagine this...walking into a grocery store on April 22nd and having your groceries put into a decorated paper bag with earth friendly symbols and reminders.  And the best part was decorated by your own classroom students!!!

This was a project that I did with my kids a few years ago.  It was a H.U.G.E deal.  Many classrooms took part and it was a great success.  I plan to do it again this year, so I pass it along, in the hopes that it's a fun activity for your class this Earth Day.
According to their site, "The Earth Day Groceries Project is an easy, cost-free environmental awareness project that teams up youth and grocers to spread the message of Earth Day. To participate, teachers simply borrow paper grocery bags from a local grocery store. Students decorate the bags with environmental messages about reuse, recycling, wildlife, etc. The bags are then returned to the grocery store, and on Earth Day, April 22 of each year, customers receive their groceries— along with the message that kids care about our environment— in the decorated bags."

Participating is simple...
1. Borrow Paper Bags from a local supermarket
2. Have Students at school decorate the bags with earth friendly symbols & messages
3. Deliver the bags back to the supermarket a few days before Earth Day
4. Report your Success at

I would love to hear if you decide to participate!

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